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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the products you want has never been easier. Here are a few questions our customers are asking. Need to know something else? Send us a message using your email client!

What is the PayWithChip Marketplace?

Our marketplace is a text only software application designed for visually impaired consumers. Our goal is to provide a way to make your favorite online stores accessible.

Which stores are included in my search?

We are still working to make stores available. You can help. Please feel free to share our project with friends and family on social media channels to help us spread the word.

Why use an application instead of a website?

Ease of use is major focus. Our marketplace application uses just the arrow keys, enter, and escape to move around. Website's make that more complex.

Is there a cost?

We don't charge anything for our software. Feel free to download and browse. When you register, we will automatically send you a free payment card reader to pay for your purchases.

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